In this modern context, they mean the same quasi thing, a place to live and a place to maintain dominion. This is not the indigenous variety of place, but a mere location to conduct / base oneself during this now.

Since, it is often insulated from the wilds and ways of the world.

A proverbial floating island rather than a fixed address in the proverbial sense.

Yet, these two words could not be more different. A house is a piece of architecture and at that it is not a very efficient or effective one.

It can be bought and then sold in the appreciating property economy to the highest bidder.

Yet, a home is a dwelling place, one associated with the village, region and country of its particularly geography.

Both informed and reformed by the world around it, much like the lungs most humans use to breath.

A home requires time to be established.

Since, it is something that requires the costly business of creation to exist.

In our modern nomadic existence that allow us to take flight, a dwelling place that would allow us to land appears to be optional.

So, what is home then?

Home then becomes a matter of skill and in all truth it always has been.

That is the reason it takes time to establish, there is a necessary apprenticeship to the task required of us.

To gather in with the people, place and planet we call family, friend or foe.