Words cast a spell for a better now.

In these stranger days and stranger still times, we can appear to be starved for fresh ideas on how to approach each other. If we use the same tools, we will get the same result. We need a way of rejuvenating the way we discern.

Language is one such vehicle and a powerful one at that, the words we use require a spring clean as the context continually changes. You only need to look at an etymologically dictionary to understand this fact.

As the affable Tim Smit. A man who helped to lay the foundations for the Eden Project. An educational charity that started life nestled in a huge crater. Today it houses a set of massive Biomes, in essence the largest captive rainforests in the world.

When asked about using terms akin to 'green', 'eco' or 'environmentalism' to talk about the project. He pointed out that he doesn't aim to use those words when conversing with the wider world. Instead, he preferred terms akin to 'resilience', 'agility' and 'durability'.

His point being, that once the words start to become hijacked by bureaucracy or business. They begin a journey towards a slow death. Instead, we need to use words that hold a potent life force to convey a real story, that exists above that which can be counted.

Words have the force of action and become discerning values in and of themselves. The words we use shape how we understand ourselves, the world around us and how we choose to confront those who also hold space here.

Language is one of our primary ways to reach across the mystery held inside of us. As technology reframes the human condition each act of making, leading and belonging become a stepping stone to the world we will all experience.

To have the most vivid and enduring experience we must rely on a universe of language that holds meaning, matter and muster.


P.S If you're looking for inspiration or a place to start. Then look no further than this fascinating twitter account by author Robert Macfarlane.