What is a “soon page”?

This is an adjacent concept to that of a now page. This is a sibling or twin of the now.

Since, I've always struggled with the concept of now in our modern instant age.

This is not to say that I am above this type of behaviour, but I wanted a way of showcasing the river of my coming days in a slower fashion. One that is less defined in this now, but in the wonder that is this culmination of sound and light.


I’ve hardly read anything in the last couple years, as I was in an existential quandary with the changing nature of the world around me. So I’m reading again. Two hours a day. I’ll post my notes here in the future.

I have a reading queue of over 50 books I’ve bought over the last few years, so please don’t suggest something new. ☺

Digital Product Design

For the past 4.5 years I was running a very lightweight creative studio, mostly working with small businesses and solo service providers to help them digitally show up in the world. Turns out this role was not exactly a good fit for me, so I've embarked on a work transition to focus on producing tangible things with good product design. Update: I've taken up role at Lendi - further notes to come.

Public Release Writing

In 2020, I really got into writing. Yet, most of this writing was done far away from the prying view of the public. Hence, to change that behaviour my aim is to publicly release my writing when I have something to say on this very website.

Personal Coaching

Learning is often at the core of what my life has become. Yet, most of this has been performed through personal inquiry. However, sometimes it helps to have a objective lens on the matters at hand - hence I have taken up some time looking for a coach to reflect / challenge my own patterns of behaviour.

Movement Practise

Being stuck in my home for longer than necessary has meant a reappraisal of how my body works. This all has a vision to be able to do a handstand, pistol squat and ride a surfboard.

Walking in Australia

I am a big sucker for the meditative practise of walking through nature. Since, it's unlikely that I will be travelling anywhere far for the immediate term my aim is to see part of this sunburnt land in a slower way.

Summer just ended. Autumn has begun.

Refactoring Systems

As a system orientated person, it is time to re-calibrate my main life systems, websites, processes that runs most of my life. Feels good to clean up and clarify.


So in love with my partner. Moving into a new property, and aiming to happily live together.

Updated: May 4th, 2022, from Palm Cove, Australia.